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I am a Liverpool SEO consultant, providing SEO in Liverpool and surrounding areas. Work with an experienced technical SEO expert to drive more traffic and sales for your business. I can help with new local business leads, increasing ecommerce revenue, migrations, and more.

SEO Consultant Marty Rogers
Marty Rogers
SEO Liverpool Consultant

SEO Consultant Liverpool Reviews

Jay Mind
Jay Mind
Marty has been a breath of fresh air to deal with, and his SEO services are top notch. Highly recommend for other businesses trying to increase online activity.
Pippa Cook
Pippa Cook
Marty has been helping us with our vape shop SEO and has done a brilliant job so far with organic revenue up by 312% in the first 3 months. Very impressive.
  • Experienced

Technical SEO Consultant

I’ve been doing SEO for well over 15 years with success in most of the competitive industries you can imagine, as well as helping local tradespeople and ecommerce startups to transform their businesses. I have experience with most platforms including Shopify, Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce.

  • No Bullshit

Transparent & Passionate

Buzzwords and bullshit are a real pet peeve of mine in the SEO world. I speak to my clients like they’re human – no false fronts, no bamboozling with SEO lingo, just passion and honesty based on reality. Let’s cut the shit and have a great, real relationship that’s beneficial to both of us.

  • Real Results

Online Growth in Real Numbers

Put your trust in me and my ability and your business will see real, meaningful results over the long-term from our SEO strategy. That means more bookings and online purchases from organic search engine users.

Some Brands I’ve Worked With

These are just some of the companies I’ve helped with SEO in Liverpool and surrounding areas.


Work with Me & My Epic SEO Team

When you choose to work with me on your next SEO strategy you’ll also have access to a small team of content writers, link builders and SEOs who I manage. This matters because it means you don’t have to outsource any other aspects of the SEO process – we will produce all website content, whether for local landing pages, ecommerce products and categories, etc. and also build links, manage on-site optimisations, speed and usability improvements, and so on.

I am your SEO Liverpool provider.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Doing the things that matter

I make sure that none of the time you’re paying for is wasted on tasks that don’t move the needle. Focus is always on what leads to long-term SEO success.

SEO Expert Liverpool

Meet Marty Rogers

I am an experienced technical SEO expert and consultant from the City of Liverpool, but based out of an office in Prescot where all of the Google magic happens.

My day-to-day consists of putting together and implementing effective SEO strategies for my clients, which involves regular data analysis and research, on-site optimisation, content planning, link building and communicating with clients. And much, much more.

My passion for SEO began more than 15 years ago at a time when I was already designing and building my own websites with HTML, CSS and later a little PHP & SQL. As much as I loved building websites for fun, I quickly discovered that nobody was ever finding them and so my journey to discovering SEO began. From there it was trial and error for many years whilst I learned all about Google and their algorithms, what works, what doesn’t, etc.

In the years since then I have started and grown many of my own side hustles strictly with SEO, and I also have multiple years of experience working at local marketing agencies where I have gotten to work with clients of all sizes, across many competitive industries.

As you can imagine with all of that experience I am now well-placed with my understanding of Google and SEO, and know I am capable of helping any business to succeed online.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your SEO. You won’t regret it.

SEO Liverpool by Marty Rogers
Marty Rogers

Technical SEO Expert

Launch Your New SEO Campaign with Me

Launch Your New SEO Strategy with Me

SEO Liverpool FAQs

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I am a real Liverpool SEO expert and thanks to the insight I have gained over the years from running and growing my own side hustles, I have a well-rounded full understanding of the organic landscape when it comes to Google, and I also understand the importance for businesses to have transparency and confidence when paying for SEO services from a freelancer like myself.

Who is Marty Rogers?2024-01-25T07:44:27+00:00

Marty Rogers is an experienced technical SEO consultant in Liverpool. He works with local and national businesses to devise and implement effective SEO strategies which are designed to improve online search visibility, rankings, sales and leads from Google. Marty has many years of experience working on his own projects as well as working at a local marketing agency as Senior SEO Manager.

You can find more about Marty on LinkedIn here.

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Let’s SEO Together

Let’s have a discussion about your business needs and I’ll put together an SEO strategy designed to penetrate your industry.

To say Marty knows his stuff is an understatement. We love his no nonsense approach to SEO and have found the results to be nothing short of extremely impressive. Five stars!!!

Roberto Crompton


SEO Consultant Marty Rogers
Marty Rogers
SEO Liverpool Consultant