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Why ME?

I’m experienced, passionate, technical, avoid bullshit and aim for the stars with every SEO campaign I work on. What’s not to love?


“Our online revenue has increased by more than 3,000% in the first 3 months. So impressive!”

Roberto Crompton


As an experienced Senior SEO Manager with over 15 years in the industry, I am well versed in what works to move the needle for my clients when it comes to SEO so you can be in a comfortable mind knowing results will come your way.

Improve Your SEO in 3 Steps

Quick Chat

Let’s get on a call – tell me about your business and its online goals and I’ll give you an idea of how I think I may be able to help your business from an SEO perspective. No bullshit.

Sensible Proposal

Your price / proposal will be based on your industry and goals, but can always be altered to suit your current position. I’m here to help you with your SEO progress online.

SEO Growth

Once we begin you’ll start to see a gradual improvement in rankings, traffic, sales and leads thanks to the monthly SEO work I undertake. But this can take a few months.

Want to chat about your SEO now?

SEO Liverpool by Marty Rogers
Marty Rogers

Technical SEO Expert

Launch Your New SEO Campaign with Me

Launch Your New SEO Strategy with Me

You won’t meet a more down to earth, easy going SEO

I say it like it is, avoid buzzwords and BS.

client 4

“Marty really is a breath of fresh air within the SEO industry, and he definitely knows his stuff.”

Scott Callan


Grow Your Business with SEO

The whole world uses Google to discover what they’re looking for, whether it’s places to visit, things to buy, or to learn about something. With that in mind it goes without saying that if you’re not visible, you’re losing to your competitors.

Hire me and let’s grow your business online with SEO.

“Marty has been great to work with and has helped our whole team to understand the value of SEO, and best practices.”

Sandra Casey


Kate Schadler Client
Andreas Casey Client

“Marty helped us to gain a foothold where others couldn’t in the previous 3 years of business online. SEO now drives a large portion of our revenue.”

Anastasia Riza


I’ve helped some fantastic businesses with SEO…

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