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Regular SEO Tasks Undertaken

SEO is a large puzzle containing many pieces that actively and regularly need adding into the mix, and these are just some of the ones I work on.

Titles & Headings

These must be optimised for target keywords, and done in clever ways to increase multi-keyword relevancy based on real-world data.

URL Structure

Good site architecture and URL structures provide a foundation for good Google bot indexing, as well as increased internal links and topical relevancy.


Content is king, but only if it is written correctly and includes the right variety of targeted, topical keywords, with a clear focus on user intent.

Internal Links

Internal links ensure the topical passage of equity (or PageRank), positively influencing rankings, increasing crawlability and avoiding orphaned pages.

Page Speeds

Users won't wait around for slow websites and, although not a huge factor, Google will punish excessively slow websites and pages.


Competing content can cost you better rankings, traffic and sales, so actively looking for these and consolidating is extremely important.

Crawling & Errors

Maximising crawling efficiency and dealing with regular errors from 404 pages, etc. is important, especially as a website gets bigger.

Keyword Research

In-depth keyword research should be done regularly for key landing pages, and user internet should always be considered for effective keyword targeting.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing online can really help you to grow by enabling you to take away any advantages such as links.

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SEO Service FAQs

SEO services can be confusing to understand, with lots of marketing words that may not make sense to you. Hopefully these FAQs will help.