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As an experienced technical SEO of over 15 years there have been many times I have had to run and/or oversee blogger outreach and niche edit campaigns, either for my own sites or those of clients, so it’s safe to say I have tried most of the outreach services out there today – including Fat Joe.

I am going to give my opinion as a Senior SEO, having managed many large clients across some of the most competitive industries, as well as managing many junior SEOs to implement impactful SEO strategies month-to-month..

At this point in my career I am well aware of what moves the needle for clients, and I know which services offer good value for money. So let’s dive into it.

What is Fat Joe?

Fat Joe is one of the best-known SEO outsourcing companies in the UK.

Founded in 2012 by Joe Davies and Joe Taylor, Fat Joe have been assisting SEO agencies and freelancers with outsourced SEO services for 12 years. And to be fair to them, they’ve done an astounding job, not that they need my approval.

Their range of SEO services include the following:

  • Blogger Outreach for Guest Posts

  • Niche Edits / Link Inserts

  • Local Citation Building

  • Expert Quote Links

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Copywriting

Fat Joe SEO Services Explained

Fat Joe have a bunch of useful SEO services available, but their original and most popular (I’d imagine) is their blogger outreach placements service.

But let’s go over a few of them in a bit more detail anyway.

> Blogger Outreach

The blogger outreach service enables you to get guest blogs featured on real websites, including largely lifestyle and family bloggers who have content across a wide range of categories, but also travel, business and food blogs too.

I’m sure they have other types of bloggers available, but in my many years of experience with Fat Joe, they make up the large majority.

How it works:

You select the DA (domain authority) you want, enter your anchor text and URL and then Fat Joe uses freelance writers to produce content for the guest post. It is then assigned to one of the bloggers who work with them, who publish it.

It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for placements to go live.

Guest posting costs £60 per placement.

> Niche Edits

I’ve always called these link inserts, but Fat Joe call them niche edits. These are basically links which are added to existing / aged content.

For example, if you had a website selling dog toys, you’d seek out blog posts which are about dogs, ideas for days out with dogs, etc. and you’d ask the blogger if you can add a link to their post, in exchange for payment (usually).

This is a very effective way of building links, and works really, really well.

Niche edits cost £60 per placement, the same as guest posts.

> Local Citation Building

This service builds NAP citations for you using business directories.

NAP citations are helpful when doing local SEO. They provide signals to Google which show your business is legitimate, and exists at an address. These can help with gaining visibility in Google’s Local Map Packs.

This service starts from £2 per submission. Expensive!

> Expert Quote Links

Expert quote links are essentially links which are secured in exchange for a quote in an article online, as part of a digital PR campaign. They’re often in the name of yourself or your business, and can’t be anchor-influencing sadly.

Fat Joe get these links by using services such as HARO and Qwoted, although I am sure they’re using a number of other services as well.

They charge £1,000 for 30+ pitches with 2 successful links as a minimum.

> Press Release Distribution

Everyone knows what a press release is, but not all are created equally.

Every company who offers press release services offer different types and levels of distribution and syndication. I’ve never used Fat Joe for this service but the basic level sites shown in their examples look like low-quality sites.

PRWeb by Cision is widely considered to be the best press release distribution service on the market and I’d have to agree after using it multiple times.

Fat Joe’s PR distribution starts from £99.

> Copywriting

Online, content is king, and not all of us are great at writing.

Fat Joe work with a number of freelance writers who can produce content for you on an ad-hoc basis, whether for products, landing pages, categories, or even blog posts to target long-tail keywords. Whatever your needs, they can deliver it.

Content writing starts from £10 per 250 words, which is very fair.

Fat Joe Services I’d Recommend Avoiding

Blogger Outreach & Niche Edits

For me personally, after trying the Fat Joe blogger outreach on multiple occasions I can confidently say I would avoid that and their niche edits service entirely.

I have done lots of manual outreach myself over the years using a variety of methods, including email, reverse engineering, broken links, search operators, etc. so I probably have expectations which are too high to be met by them.

The main problem for me is that I think DA / DR is a useless metric, and that’s the main metric they use to price the links they sell.

For me, I care more about organic traffic, as that’s a better indicator of a website’s actual quality in the eyes of Google. They only offer traffic metrics of 500+ and 1k+ for their priciest links, both of which are tiny (for me at least).

Local Citation Building

I’d also avoid the local citation building service because £2 per citation is very expensive and directories take minutes to submit to by yourself.

I have a list here actually: https://martyrogers.uk/uk-business-directories/

Expert Quotes

Expert quotes is another one I’d avoid, but again that is probably because I have done it myself quite easily with great success. I have a skill to talk about which comes easily to me, but maybe you don’t, so it could be good for you.

If you join HARO yourself, you’ll get daily emails with a roundup of requests from journalists who want your expert input in exchange for a link.

Again, may be good for you if you lack time or substance. But not for me.

Press Release Distribution

I have never tried this service by Fat Joe so I struggle to recommend it over the gold standard in PRWeb which I have used on many occasions.

As mentioned above, the sites in their examples list look like extremely low quality sites, but you do get featured on a few high-quality magazines with their most expensive distribution package.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try.

Fat Joe Services I’d Recommend Using


I am not great at writing, nor do I enjoy writing. In fact, it’s probably the one area of my online life which causes me the most friction with side hustles, etc. as I just can’t get myself to sit and write because I’d rather be doing SEO.

I have used Fat Joe a number of times for content and I do recommend it.

I’ve used them for ecommerce category and product content, landing page content, lengthy blog posts and more. And I’ve always been happy.


Fat Joe are a great company for outsourced SEO services and, although I personally wouldn’t use them for a lot of things, there are definitely a lot of people out there who will benefit from the services I wouldn’t personally use.

Remember, I am writing as an experienced SEO so inexperienced business and agency owners, one-man bands, etc. will definitely benefit from using them.

I hope you found this post somewhat useful.

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